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Have you ever experienced a miracle?
What if there is magic all around us but we just don’t notice it?

We often disregard certain coincidences, chance meetings and amazing synchronicities. But what if these are evidence of magic or a mystical connection to another realm?

Whether you’re curious or seeking inspiration in a moment of deep emotional distress, your willingness to open your mind may be the catalyst for cracking your world wide open, showing you the magic that has been there all along.

In Magic & Miracles, Dr. Andrea Pennington presents 21 real life stories of people from various backgrounds and cultures who have found unseen forces supporting, guiding and healing them in their darkest hours. These stories cover events ranging from spontaneous experiences of divine love and recovering from childhood abuse, to personal struggles with identity and life purpose.

What these stories all have in common is how they demonstrate that there are mystical forces and supernatural powers that can help us navigate the often troubled waters of life. There is great hope and inspiration to be found here.

Will you feel the magic too?

Our authors explore topics like:

  • Preventing disaster with nothing more than instinct
  • Manifesting love and new paths in life
  • Communicating with angels and animals
  • Powerful healing experiences
  • Out of body experiences
  • Connecting with divine love and joy



Part 1
Invisible Communication

Driven by Faith
Helene Philipsen

A Miracle In the Wild
Taz Thornton

The Power of the Mystical Law of the Universe
Joyce Wazirali

The Fire Within
Malin Hedlund


Part 2
When Peace Surpasses Understanding

Angels Are Among Us
Karena Virginia

Twists and Turns May Make Me Learn, But Patience Never Fails Me
Karin Eke

I Am Home
Halina Goldstein

A Drastic Intervention
Caroline Hoek

Love as a Healing Power
Ninet Sommer

Angel’s Love Is Easy
Elspeth Kerr

The Sixth Sense
Paul Luftenegger


Part 3
Visions Beyond the Physical Realm

How I Learned to “Be Love”
Diane L. Haworth

A Birth, a Knockout and a Miracle
Stephan Conradi

The Suitcase
Gitte Winter Graugaard

From Rock Bottom to Abundance, Love, and Light
Margaretha Tosi-Lesman

Delusions of the Mind, Ascension Into Spirit
Kimberly L. Wright

The Mystical Experience That Set Me Free from Depression
Andrea Pennington, MD, C.Ac


Part 4
Manifesting & The Law of Attraction

We Bought a Farm – But We’re Not Farmers!
Charlotte Banff

You Are Great Beyond Belief
Trude Dybendahl

Talking to Golden Arrow
Miriam Thiel-Alberts

Life is a Magic Miracle
Lene Heiselberg Vang