My name is Elspeth Kerr, I was born in Scotland and moved to Cyprus to follow my bliss. I am married and a mum of one daughter whom I love deeply.

I am a soul reader of the heart and I teach Reiki and self-empowerment. I use my knowledge to help souls shine with joy from the inside out. I help the soul smile and beam its divine radiant light through direct connection that the soul has to source. I remind my clients to own their smile, which starts their internal ‘Love Engine.’

I look to nature for my answers spending my days supporting Gaia. I liberate the heart and soul through the original nature of Spirit. My healing space is a safe place to release. I offer the world my services via Skype and in-person-sessions to find the magic and miracle within.

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The key to JOY itself is inside of each of us waiting patiently to be discovered. The only way to truly find our BLISS is to go within!

The question we must ask, is where is life truly experienced? On the inside or the outside?

Read it to believe it!