Gitte Winter Graugaard is a bestselling author, life coach, energy mentor, and lightworker ( from Denmark.

She is on a mission to aid parents in helping their children to thrive through child meditation and mindfulness. Gitte is also the founder of the Momo Academy (, which enables schools to offer mindfulness, meditation and yoga to their pupils as part of their education through a beautiful growing network of lightworkers.

She also coaches adults to believe in their magic, share their light, become more creative, and sparkle more in life. She is an international speaker and facilitates workshops all over her home country and abroad.

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Meditation is the best way for me to access my heart, my creative source and my magic. I let go and drift into my inner world that connects me through spirit with places I have never been. And when I go there, I remember that being human on this amazing planet is magical in itself.

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