Halina Goldstein is a spiritual speaker, teacher and mentor. She lives in Denmark and works globally. Halina is the founder of Awakening to Joyful Living at Her mission is to help spiritual seekers shine their light more fully, live with purpose, and experience joy, love, and freedom in every area of their life. In our troubled world there is a tremendous need for a joyful, peaceful, balancing presence from as many people as possible.

To know more about her philosophy and learn a simple yet powerful joy practice download the “Finding Joy Every Day” e-book at

Halina has also founded the Joy Keepers Network at, a movement dedicated to bringing more joy to the world. While the network is open to the great variety of spiritual approaches available today, members recognize joy and oneness as powerful, fundamental states available to every human being.

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I thought I was lonely because I was on my own, but I came to know that I was lonely because I had disowned myself.

I thought love was evading me and abandoning me, but I came to know that I had evaded and abandoned the love within me.

I thought that it would take a miracle for life to change to the better, but I came to know that everything is a miracle already, every single moment.

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