Joyce Wazirali is an author and a holistic therapist for both individuals and businesses. Her company, Heliotropo, focuses on solving traumas that often prevent patients from realizing their full potential. She helps them gain strength now and equips them with the power to move forward.

Heliotropo came to be after 30 years of study and experience with people, business development and growth, through coaching, counselling, teambuilding activities, cultural change and co-creation.

Once she was one of two co-founders and director of a company in business services which flourished in 13 years to a company with 80 staff members.

With her multicultural, medical, scientific, financial and holistic background, she can tailor a program that combines insight and integration with diagnostics and healing.

Her vision is: ‘man is a unique and versatile creature, with deep answers for a happy life.’

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From the holistic point of view, when we experience a trauma, our muscles in our body become strained. When it’s in the shoulder, a massage can sometimes remove the tension. When the tension is in a place in your body where you can’t massage, it will stay there. So I thought, “I can’t massage the circular muscle in my eye ball. So I have to find another way to remove the tension.”

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