Karena Virginia is an inspirational speaker and healer who brings deep spiritual mysticism to the modern world in a cozy and embracing style. Karena shares kundalini yoga and spiritual practices to heal the trauma that resides in our energy bodies and allow the love from our hearts to shine forth so we can live a life of fulfillment, happiness, and health.

Karena is a member of Oprah Winfrey’s Belief team, and her passion is to bring the technology of ancient and miraculous healing to the masses as seen in her highly acclaimed yoga video, “The Power of Kundalini Yoga,” the popular “Relax and Attract” App and her latest book, Essential Kundalini Yoga, which is bringing light and transformation into the hearts of many people around the world.

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Angels are always with us. In the moments when we are petrified or grieving, they show up in an instant. We do not always see them, but we do not need to. When we inhale the love of the angelic into our hearts and we exhale the pain of life out of our cells, we know they are the ones doing the work.

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