Kimberly L. Wright knew all along that her life would be anything but mundane and meaningless.

A troubled childhood and rebellious adolescence led her into adulthood as a successful entrepreneur with a collection of dysfunctional relationships.

This gave her life a compelling story, but Kimberly realized she was always more than that. A series of epiphanies through plant medicine led her to a personal transformation. The full version book of Delusions of the Mind Ascension into spirt will be out next year

Kimberly is a spiritual guide who facilitates private and group sessions that give participants an opportunity to open the awareness to what exists beyond the physical world many believe they live in.

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What if you meet God at first as an external experience but then as an internal one where the appearance of life is fully explained, what would you do? How would your life be different if you were told everything you thought you experienced in the way you experienced it wasn’t true?

Read it to believe it!