My name is Lene Heiselberg Vang. I was born in the southern part of Denmark. In 1999 I have been a teacher for children with different diagnoses for many years. When I was around 30 years old I began to be more and more interested in the spiritual world, which has lead to a lot of reading and courses in this field.

Today I’m working with young adults as a teacher and a mentor to help them find their next step in life. My husband and I have a retreat and course venue where people can come and connect with nature and their hearts wisdom by staying in our beautiful Mongolian Yurts. We offer personal coaching sessions and classes to teach people how to connect with nature and feel peace inside.

I am so blessed with my beautiful family. I have two amazing grown children who are the most loving and wonderful beings. They are the biggest miracles in my life. My lovely husband also have two sweet wonderful children, who brings us so much love, fun and joy in our daily life.

My mission is to inspire and help people to connect with their true divine essence and live their life from that blissful state of being.

Contact information: Center for Peace and Joy – Connectedness with Nature and Within

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The universe brings us signs all the time. We only have to be open to them. I always asks for signs, that I am open to see, hear or smell. Oftentimes I see rainbows when I’m about to make big decisions. And when I am calm and aligned I see butterflies and find four-leafed clovers everywhere, which to me mean I’m on the right path. 

We are never alone. The universe is always here to support us and shine the light for us.

Read it to believe it!