Miriam Thiel-Alberts grew up in Germany, travelled the world as a stewardess and lived in the US, the UK, Italy, and Denmark. After hanging up her airline uniform she went off to film school, where she studied scriptwriting.

She now works as a Writer, Animal Communicator and Healer, and Equine Coach. Miriam developed the Writing from the Heart with Horses method and her approach to teaching creative and biographical writing with her equine co-facilitators is unique. Her gentle and creative process with horses helps participants to connect with their subconscious stories in order to let go of old belief systems, move on from past trauma, and find their authentic voice.

Miriam’s horse Golden Arrow who was the inspiration for her spiritual journey continuously guides her to explore the connection between the animal kingdom, Mother Earth, and humans.

She now lives outside of Berlin in the countryside with her husband, three cats, and her horse Golden Arrow.

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At the end of my speech, tears rolled down my face. I had not expected to get confronted by these old feelings. As I cried Golden Arrow caressed my face and I was filled with deep gratitude. I had spoken my truth. The silent little girl who had pretended that everything was fine had finally spoken up.

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