Ninet Sommer is a passionate heart healer, holistic health coach, family therapist and counselor, with a Bachelor’s degree in pedagogy education based in Denmark. She meets the world with a smile and open heart. A sensitive fiery soul, with a deep respect for others. Her call is to serve the children, supporting them to stay centered and remember their special gift to the world.

Connected to the Mother-energy Ninet is here to share here love and healing with the world. She is passionate about her healing practices and holistic healthcare to help guide people into more balance in life. The proud mother of a 25 year old son, Ninet specializes in helping parents connect to their children from the heart, and hopes to inspire conscious heart-centered parents in supporting their children.

Ninet is currently writing a book with simple tools to support children to stay balanced in life – coming soon!

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Each time throughout my life, when I have experienced the passing of someone close to me, I have felt the calling and ability to create a channel of love and light for them to ensure a safe and complete voyage back to their Source. I have always completed the process as it was revealed to me by this Higher Power…

Read it to believe it!