Paul Luftenegger’s  Albums & Singles:


  1. Beautiful World / Blessings From Above (2011)
  2. Worthy (2012)
  3. Diamond Light (2013)
  4. Love Expanding Love (2014)
  5. The Miracle of You (2015)
  6. Faith (2017)


  1. I Believe in You (2016)
  2. Northstar, (2016)


Paul Luftenegger is an international multi-award winning singer, songwriter, and composer. Paul writes conscious music to inspire and promote global love and kindness from within. Paul’s focus is nurturing self worth within the listener.  He has performed for the United Nations 3 times and his music has been used to honour icons like Louise Hay. 

Paul serves the Starkey Hearing Foundation helping to give free hearing aids to those in need around the world. His song Diamond Light won the Honourable Mention Award from the USA International Songwriting Competition in 2013 and the album of the same name, the Top 10 Award by the London Free Press. Paul’s music is used in classrooms worldwide to help children understand the importance of self-love and self kindness. Paul tours with his music and provides healing workshops around the globe – singing, speaking, and teaching.

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The enlightened spiritual path and journey is available to each and every single one of us and God is patiently waiting for all souls to awaken to this beautiful truth. It is inevitable as every single soul will hear a knock at the door to come into this divine sacred awareness at some point of the journey and cycle of life.

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