I want to give hope, that in every darkness lies a light, even you don’t yet see it. I want to create workshops to not only connect with people, but also to connect people with themselves again. Combining this with experiences in nature will be a powerful connection.

The out of body experience opened my eyes and my heart to an invisible world which surrounds us all. There is a lot of scientific proof that our mind and our thoughts can change physical reality. I have no doubt of this fact. If we can dream and turn this dream into reality later, isn’t that also an act of magic somehow?

I described in Life after Trauma, a book compiled by Dr. Andrea Pennington, how I experienced a change just by looking into someone’s eyes. So please get out there, with an open mind and an open heart and let the magic happen.

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We all have our own history, perception, and problems, but it’s up to us to decide if we want to suffer or if we want to be happy, blissful, and open. We have to start by understanding that we can create that future. We only have to decide to make a change. I want to help create that change and to shape that future.

Read it to believe it!