Trude Dybendahl helps people who want to transform their lives or need skills to be resilient in changing times. Her clients discover their magnificent potential and surpass limiting belief-systems that hold them in a state of strife, worry and inner stress. They experience a movement into faith, trust and conscious co-creation by learning the Conscious Self LeadershipĀ© method, CSLeadership, thus becoming their own, authentic changemaker.

Trude is a World Champion who won nine international medals in the Olympics and World Championships, in addition to eight World Cup victories. She has been a member of several boards and been involved in humanitarian projects through the Norwegian Red Cross, Olympic Aid, Amnesty International and the Norwegian Church Aid.

Trude is a transformational life coach, an Emotion Code practitioner, author and speaker She works with clients in Europe and USA and runs different personal development programs.

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Whether guidance arrives in a dream state or by other forms of messaging; listen, pay attention. Allow the Universe to help you and take action toward it.

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